Model No EODS-1500
Machine belt width 1.5m
Operation since November 2013‚Äč
Location Ulsan, Korea
Sludge type high organic chemical sludge
Input sludge DS 12% +/-2%
Input sludge weight 700kg/hr
Operating (hr/day) 5hr/day
Output cake DS 36% +/-2%
Sludge weight reduction 67%
Electric consumption 140kwh
Daily input sludge weight 3.50ton
Daily output sludge weight 1.16ton
Daily water removed weight 2.34ton
Water removal rate (kg/hr) 468kg
Efficiency (watt used to remove 1kg of water) 299w/kg

DuPont Inc, Korea

Note: Specification are subject to change depending on many factors. There are thousands of types of sludge. We may modify the machine to be more suitable for custom application of our customers.