ELODE is a
Non-Thermal Sludge Dryer

Electro-Osmosis Dehydrator

(ELODE, pronounced like E-Load)
Reduce Sludge weight by half in just 3 minutes.
Place your already dewatered sludge into our super compact machine and in 3 minutes it will be dehydrated to under half its volume and weight.

Advantages of ELODE

Reduced Sludge

  • Lower Disposal Cost
  • Less Hauling
  • Lower Weight & Volume
  • Excellent ROI

Low Energy Used

  • Less Energy Use
  • No Chemical Use
  • Easier Burning Cake produced
  • Fast Cycle Time
  • Quick Startup & Shutdown

Efficient Compact Machine

  • Super Heavy Gage Stainless Steel Construction
  • Low Line Speed
  • Low Maintenance
  • Takes up tiny Space
  • Quite, Continuous Cycle
  • Almost No Heat Produced
  • Easy Retrofit to Existing Dewatering Equipment

Easier Handling

  • Almost Dry to the Touch Cake
  • Lower Odor Cake
  • Reduced Pathogens
  • More Landfill Acceptable
  • Higher Sustainability

ELODE Advantage vs Thermal Dryers

  • Super Low Installation and Building Cost
  • Fraction of Heat Energy used
  • No Huge Drying Conveyor Ovens
  • No Boiler or Furnace or Compressors
  • No Exhaust Stack
  • No Greenhouse Gas Produced
  • No Hot Heat Exchanger
  • No Dust Filters or Fins to Clean
  • No Cyclone Dust Separators to Empty
  • No Steam Condensers (with huge water supply)
  • No Dust Scrubber
  • No Additional Odor Treatment (if already in place)
  • No Large Blower Motor & Assembly
  • No Duct Work connecting all the above process
  • No Extra Electrical & Pipe connections needed
  • No Pellet Cooler at the exit
  • No Dust or Explosion Issues
  • ELODE is stock built unit
  • All of above items for thermal dryer take up huge space, expense and lowers reliability due to so many moving parts and connections!

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