ELODE is used to dewater sludge cake using Lowest energy possible!

ELODEĀ® can reduce your sludge by half in just 3 minutes!
It is based upon a recent technology that uses mechanisms of electro-osmosis and electrophoresis. It does not need heat to extract water from the sludge cake.
ELODE is 2nd stage dewatering machine made to further reduce water from sludge cake that has been dehydrated by other mechanical dewatering machines such as screw press, belt press, or centrifuge type of equipment. ELODE takes the sludge cake in between two electrically charged surfaces where it instantly starts to pull moisture away from the sludge, resulting in a moisture level far below any mechanical means.



Principle 1
Principle 2
  1. Your dewatered sludge cake is sandwiched between our drum and track.
  2. Electric field is applied between the drum and track.
  3. Sludge will start to migrate to the drum and water will flow towards the track and drain away. All this is done in about a minute!



Principle 3

The electrical pull by ELODE is so great most of the surface bound water will be pulled away from the solids.



Drying by boiling water away by heat is really inefficient!

Because it takes 9x times more energy to boil away water than just heating it from room temperature to a boil? And with all the inefficiencies of the process. Transferring energy to just sludge is next to impossible. Also if you have a boiler or furnace for the dryer there is always wasted hot gas that goes out the stack (energy wasted). Therefore you must use multiple times the ideal heat energy needed to evaporate the water away.



What if you can dewater without boiling water away?

ELODE don’t use heat to boil water away. It does not even use heat. It uses electrical field to drive the water out of the sludge because sludge is highly polar. Our ELODE does this everyday without heat, chemical, or mechanical energy. It only uses electricity. Also the energy used is only a fraction of heat energy needed. People are amazed to see our pilot unit do this day in and day out without any stress!

See below graph of energy required to evaporate water in ideal condition. But in reality, it takes much more energy than below with thermal dryers that use heat.

Heating Chart



See our ELODE .5m wide unit Video

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